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You need a website but aren't sure where to get started; we can help!

MultiSoft Corporation began creating its first websites in the early 1990s and we would be happy to put our years of knowledge and experience into practice for you.

The first step in the website creation process will be registration of a domain name for your company. Your domain name is the address that a user types into the browser in order to find your site on the Internet. For instance, MultiSoft Corporation's domain is

Like anything else, domain registration is not difficult when you know what you are doing. If you have not previously registered a domain or prefer to leave its registration to more experienced parties, we will be happy to undertake the registration on your behalf.

After you have registered your domain name website URL you'll need to set the following name servers as the domain's authoritative name servers.

You will need to login to your domain registrar provided by the company you registered your domain with. Alternatively you can provide this information to MultiSoft and we can do this for you.


If you don't have a domain for your website we have a solution for that as well. MultiSoft Corporation has partnered with GoDaddy to offer our MLM clients domain name search and registration services. If you have not registered a domain name website URL Click Here to register your domain today and point to the name servers listed above.

For additional information on MultiSoft Corporation's website services and domain registration, please contact MultiSoft Corporation at or

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