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Security Management

With MarketPowerPRO You Are Protected

Security Management

Some things we can't tell you about, however we can can give you some insights into a few of the protection system we have put in place for you, your customers and your distributors.

MarketPowerPRO supports different types of users and offers different security rights as a result. As an example, customers do not have as many rights as distributors, who do not have as many rights as administrators.

Security settings are important because they determine who can access your system and what they can do once they are in.

Security Features of MarketPowerPRO

Did you know that MarketPowerPRO is a PCI compliant application? PCI stands for "Payment Card Industry". Visa and MasterCard developed a comprehensive set of PCI data security standards that govern how payment data must be transacted over the Internet and stored within databases in order to be considered safe from hackers and thieves.

All sites hosted by MultiSoft are scanned daily by an independent auditor for security weaknesses in order to ensure that our client's payment data is protected. Whether you choose to use MarketPowerPRO or another application altogether, we implore you to select one that takes PCI seriously… you do not want to work hard to build a business only to have its pocket picked and reputation destroyed by cyber thieves.


SSL Encryption

Each page within MarketPowerPRO can be set to require or not require SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. By default any page that has a user name, password, credit card or social security number will be set to require SSL.

PCI Compliant

MarketPowerPRO is a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant software application. Security sensitive data such as credit cards and passwords are encrypted utilizing NSA (National Security Administration) guidelines.

Role Management

MarketPowerPRO utilizes the Microsoft 2.0 Role Management system, which we then extended and improved upon. You can create as many roles as you need and assign those roles to specific indviduals in your company. Do you need a role for warehouse management or customer service? Create the role in a matter of moments, assign it read / edit permissions and assign the role to individuas within your company.


We incorporated CAPTCHA code requirements for registration and login requirements in order to validate that a real individual is logging into the application and not an automated application attempting to access the system. CAPTCHA codes protect you, your distributors and customers and keep sensative data from unwanted prying eyes.

Data Encryption

Although we can't disclose the format of encryption, we can tell you that it meets all requirements of NSA (National Security Administration) and PCI (Payment Card Industry) guidelines and requirements.

Unique ID's, User Name & Password

Each customer and distributor within your organization will have their own unique identification and User Name for logging into the application. No two User Names can be alike and any member that forgets their User Name or password can quickly reset it with the click of a button and an email confirmation.

Secret Questions

Secret Questions can be configured that serve as an authentication layer during password retrieval for those that have forgotten or lost their password.

Country Access

With MarketPowerPRO you can decide if users from specific countries can access your site, register on your site or are completely blocked from your site.

IP Blocking Management

IP Blocking Management affords you the ability to prevent a particular IP address or addresses from accessing the site – important due to Disruption of Service (DOS) attacks aimed at bringing your site down.

Auto Account Lock Settings

Auto Account Lock Settings will automatically lock a particular user's account if login is attempted too many times with an incorrect password.

Statistics & Logging

Statistics & Logging provides you with a comprehensive overview of who is accessing your site and from where.