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First Impressions Leave Lasting Impressions


Today's distributor will judge your company, products, opportunity and website in a matter of seconds.

Enrollment into your business opportunity should be simple, clear and concise.  Those enrolling must be able to select their enrollment option, required or optional purchases and AutoShip choices without confusion.

To accomplish this we created a simple three-step process by which distributors enroll:

1st Entry of Personal Information 2nd Selection of Item(s) to Purchase 3rd Completion of Order and Payment

You Control Every Face of Your Enrollment Options

One of the most unique things about MarketPowerPRO's distributor enrollment form is the latitude that it gives you to set its exact parameters. For example, you are in complete control of and can change at anytime:

The products that are available for purchase at the time of enrollment
Which items will be required purchases and which will be optional
Whether AutoShip orders are optional or automatically created in the background (e.g. for an annual renewal fee)
The terms and conditions that new enrollees must agree to
The data that distributors must provide at the time of enrollment – you can both set which fields will be required entry and dynamically add your own fields to the enrollment form
If residents of any countries will be prohibited from enrolling
How shipping and tax are charged
Congratulatory messages that go out after a successful enrollment