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Compensation Plans

Compensation Plans Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Stair-Step, Hybrid & More

Compensation plans

Compensation plans are often a reflection of a company's personality. MultiSoft understands that not everyone wants to utilize the same type of compensation plan – you want a plan that fits your philosophies and business model. MarketPowerPRO was built on the premise that a compensation plan must fit the company that it serves.

MarketPowerPRO can be setup with an array of different compensation plan types: Binary, Weak Side Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Hybrid, Australian, Breakaway etc. MultiSoft has an extensive amount of experience with compensation plans – we have literally setup thousands of compensation plans over the last 25 years.

Beyond the base compensation structure, the system also clearly recognizes that bonuses are critically important to the overall payment concept. A number of bonuses, from Fast Starts to Generational, are available in our bonus library and ready to be seamlessly integrated into your system.

Unsure of which compensation plan type might be right for you?

We can help! MultiSoft has a tremendous amount of experience not only programming compensation plans, but formulating them as well. MarketPowerPRO has benefited from that experience – the software comes complete with an extensive library of compensation options that have proven popular over the years.

Whatever your goals or budget, MarketPowerPRO has a compensation model to fit it. Whether you'd like to build an off the shelf plan from within our standard library or delve into a completely customized job, MarketPowerPRO and the MultiSoft team can handle it.